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【Standard Eat All-you-can-eat plan】 All-you-can-eat drink for 2 hours price 3200 yen (tax excluded) ♪

By using a coupon3200 yen

  • 100items
  • 2persons-
All-you-can-drink available

Cocktail, sour and other goods are also abundant !! All kinds of shochu OK ☆

Reservation deadline
Until 23 o'clock the day before the store visit date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Best season for the coming season, best for banquets ◎ 70 kinds of drinks, 100 kinds of dishes for 2 hours eating and drinking ♪

Course menu

<All you can eat cuisine (part)>

◆ Teppanyaki

Yam Futamori-yaki (Negi-yaki Wind, Mochi Cheese), Tenpei Egg Roll, Naruta Akuta Mayo Egg Roll, Specialty Oshimizu Gyoza (Baked or fried)

Grilled soba noodles, salt-fried buckwheat noodles, shrimps, eringgi butter soy sauce, butter corn, Korea koji

Soy sauce (soy sauce), red wiener, shrimp, spinach butter, scallop with butter, etc.

◆ Superb article

Dashi roll, lucky chicken, addictive cucumber, roughly semisolid boiled egg, changer, cabbage kimchi, potato salad, tentatively cabbage

Eatmeal, bamboo sweet potato tuna, avocado avocado, shallow pickled eggplant, suicide blur, broiled egg leaves, pickle skin ponzu

Salmon Yukke etc.

◆ fried food

Potato fly (plain, soy sauce butter uncle, bird lemon, konpot, cheese)

Fried chicken, fried, frying fried dumpling, cheese crunchy

Rice cake potato cheese (2 pieces), fried eggs etc.

◆ skewers

Tsukune made by the Chairperson, Yakitori (peach), Asparagus winding, Bonjiri, Cutting, Sanding, Sausage Cheese bake, Sasami plum blossom

◆ meal

Onigiri (salmon, plum, Akuta), Ochazuke (salmon, plum, aka, glue), rice, pizza, garlic fried rice

Iberico Ramen, Soba etc

◆ Salad

Caesar salad, crispy salad, onion salad etc.

◆ Dessert

Black honey and a mushroom's white spot parfait, vanilla ice, berry parfait, mini pafe etc.


All-you-can-drink for 2 hours (30 minutes before LO)

All you can drink as much as + 600 yen (excluding tax) per person OK 60 minutes extension OK


* If there is a large amount of undeveloped food, we may charge a separate fee.

※ The drink is a glass replacement system.

※ Other services · Discount (ticket) can not be used.

※ The cooking content will change according to the season · store.

※ It is free until 3 years old.900 yen (tax excluded) for elementary school students aged 4 and older.We will offer three recommended items at the beginning.

All-you-can-drink menu

· The best squeezing (jogging, pitcher)
· Cocktail 1
· Cassis Orange / Cassis Soda / Moscommeureur / Salty Dog / Fuzzy Navel / Peach Oolong / Gin Tonic / Bulldog
· Cocktail 2
· Cassis oolong / yoghurt orange / kalua milk
· Sour · Shochu High
· Lemon Sour / Lime Sour / Big Peak Sour / Blue Apples Sour / Oolong Hi / White Peach & Collagen Sour
·Fruit wine
· Plum wine soda / plum wine rock / apricot soda / apricot rock
· Japanese sake · whiskey
· Hot heat / normal temperature (whiskey water split / lock) highball
· Shochu
· Wheat / Potato / Shiso ※ Water Discount, Rock, Soda Discount
·Soft drink
· Orange juice / grapefruit juice / Calpis water / oolong tea / ginger ale / cola / melon soda / mixed juice

2018/10/25 update